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Fine colloidal silica also known as precipitated silica as lightweight filler in resin castings or with silicon molding. It also function as anti caking and free flowing agent for powder materials and colors. Its unique feature with its high absorption easily turn liquid into a powder. For this it is useful for floral drying as it fine powder support and dries delicate flowers. In aroma stone mixed with plaster of Paris to absorb and retain Fragrant oil. Its full potential is still yet to be discover in craft use like as a matting agent or for garden use with its high silica content, as a fine polish for plastic and metal with liquid wax and colloidal silica into polishing paste, and in glaze formulation with low iron content and high silica needed in gloss finish. Possible use in Pyrotechnics in converting flammable liquid into powder.

Specific surface area   m2/g   180

Particle size um                         12.0

DOA absorption  ml/100g      235

Loss on drying %                     7.0

Ph value 5% in water              7.0

Sieve residue 45 micron %    1.5

Silica content  %                      97

NH content    %                         1

Fe content ppm less than     400

Sulphate content  %                  1.5




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