G725 Platinum Cure Silicon Rubber Clear 1kg + Catalyst 1kg

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Platinum cure silicon rubber clear. Mix ratio 1:1 by volume. A durable food grade silicon, good tensile and tear strength. High temperature resistant -60°C to 250°C. for non toxic bakewares, hot process soap castings. In mixing air bubbles will be expected and best to vacuum or pressure cast to degas for exceptional mold clarity.

A clear transparent silicon for jewellery casting, prototyping and aid in dissection of multi part molding of intricate complex sculpture molding. Its shore hardness 25A is rigid to cast bigger mold without need of a support mold. The exceptional clarity permit LED encapsulation as special effect props.

Can be colored with Silc Pig concentrated color pigment to cast toys and silicon prototypes.

Shore hardness: 25 ± 2
Mix ratio: 1:1
Pot life 25°C: 20-40min
Cure time: 3-5 hours
Viscosity : 12,000 ± 3000 mPa-s
Tear strength: 4 MPa
Elongation: 600

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