R200 Platinum Cure Soft Silicon Rubber 1kg + Catalyst 1kg

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This platinum cure translucent silicon rubber well suited for life casting body parts as adult toys, body torso like head and limbs, cushioning of prosthetic limbs, shoe and heel liners. Shore hardness 0A. Fluid viscosity 1500 ± 800, low shrinkage below 0.1%, fast cure time 3-5 hours. Heat curing 60°C-120°C accelerate complete cure to within minutes. Mix ratio 1:1. Non toxic. Excellent tension and tear strength. Odourless. Can be colored with silc pigment color concentrates for silicon rubber.

Its softness is ideal for intricate and complicated molding like flower or candle molds, casting of robotic movement parts, automata, pneumatic suction parts. Support mold in plaster or fiber might be required if molded object is large.

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