Hard Case Plaster


Quick Overview

Size: 500g & 5kg

Color: Light Green



Also known as Hydrostone, hard case plaster with higher density and strength than casting plaster. Use as mother mold to duplicate plaster casting molds with generous application of mold release soap. As a hard plaster casting the mother mold will not be easily damaged in duplicating several plaster production molds. Hard case plaster duplicates details well. Very low shrinkages and suitable to cast amulets, statues and copy molding being a hard durable plaster.

Not to be use as casting mold in slip casting as it will not absorb water due to its high density.


TA-50G plaster is widely used for tableware, sanitary ware, and giftware case molds. TA-50G is made of high
quality alpha plaster with fine particles. It is formulated to serve various customer needs with excellent qualities
as low expansion and high strength.


 Low expansion
 High strength of mold
 Prolonged mold life

Techanical Data

Data at W/P ratio of 40 – 45%
Starting time of setting (Vicat test) 15 – 17 minutes
Ending time of setting < 60 minutes @ at maximum temperature
Expansion ≤ 0.15%
Bending strength, dry > 8 MPa (100 kgf/cm2)
Sieve residue @ 150 microns ≤ 0.5%

Mixing Instruction.

 Water/Plaster ratio is 45/100, 1: 2.22
 Scatter plaster into water slowly and evenly for 1 ~ 2 minutes
 Allow to soak for 1 minute
 Mixing time is 6 minutes
 Vacuum de-bubble agitator is recommended

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