Henry Taylor Carving Tool – Gouge-Parting Tool, Long Bent 17/13mm

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Origin : United Kingdom
Blade length: 12 cm
Overall Length: 24 cm

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Traditionally hand forged by Henry Taylor UK from premium German steel for durability and sharpness. Easy to sharpen with #3000 mesh whet stone. Set in round octagonal wood handle with a wide shoulder flange to prevent tool from being driven and breaking from mallet strikes. The long bent gougeĀ  tool reaches deep recesses without damaging surrounding deep areas.

Bent gouge sweep 17, 13mm blade width is used for concave or convex shape carving from rough shaping to refine finishing. Tool maintenance by honing on a leather strop dressed with diamond paste micron 1 and finer. Store dry and lightly oiled with paraffin oil.

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