Slip Trailer Blower

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Overall Length: 31cm

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Strong rubber blower with 7cm flexible rubber nozzle and 18cm clear glass tube. Remove the nozzle to fill the glass tube with Diatomaceous earth in pest control of bed bugs, fleas, ants and even cockroaches. Replace nozzle and squirt pump the dry earth powder into nooks and crevices. Pay attention to mattress linings and wood bedposts.  Same on pets fur.  Diatomaceous earth is food grade.

Ceramic use as a slip trailer with generous loading and see through glass tube. Easy to wash by removal of the rubber pump.

Fabric tie dyeing random application of reactive dyes to tied fabric. Application of batik wax resists in large batik mural.

Acid and alkali resistant for garden liquid fertilizers dosing, chemical laboratory and dyes dispensing.

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