Istor Standard Swiss Sharpener

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Size: 10cm(L)
Width: 13mm
Origin: Switzerland

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Fast sharpening in seconds suited for field use on arrow heads, knives and cutting tools.

The unique sharpener for the home, industry and garden

The standard model is the smallest sharpener in the range. There is space for it everywhere – in the kitchen drawer, in your tool box or when you are out and about, in your trouser pocket and it is specifically suited to sharpening shears and knives the longer the easier for a consistent edge angle. Determine knife angle, holding the Istor, rest finger on blade forming a triangle to knife edge and strop along blade length. Indispensable to have with you even when you are on the move.


  • Easy to use
  • No pressure necessary
  • Forms no burr on the blade
  • Cutting edges remain sharper for longer
  • Can be used by both right and left handed people

– Pull the concave sharpening edge gently along the blade several times without much pressure.
– Follow the given angle of the blade.
– Work only with one side of the sharpener and always from the handle to the point of the blade. When sharpening scissors, secateurs and pruning shears only sharpen the beveled side.

Easy to use knife sharpener from Swiss technology. Rust free with storage pouch. Consisting of a hard metal insert fixed on to a lightweight aluminum handle using a few light pressure strop on both sides of knife edge at an angle easily plane and hone cutting edge to extreme sharpness. Really work even on hard metal like bayonet to razor sharpness that is not possible to sharpen with a file. Restore scalpel blade, sharpens scissors, chisels, meat cleaver, skinning knife, machete, parang, hunting arrows head and in fact any cutting tools except ceramic knives. A choice sharpener for production use in leathercrafts and rubber. Anyone can use Istor sharpener to sharpen knives in an instant. Maintain sharpening angle on both cutting edge by placing finger beneath aluminum handle and knife surface, guide one edge of metal insert along knife from handle to tip. Repeat with the same number of strokes on the other cutting edge to maintain a sharp even angled wedge cutting edge. You will know that Istor is sharpening knife edge when fine metal particles are accumulated on one side of the hard metal insert or a bur is felt on the opposite knife edge. Literally you can hear the metal being planned and feel resistant as metal is being removed.
Models available: Standard 10cm and Duplex 19cm with cone side diamond coated for sharpening and grinding.
Manufacturer’s warranty: 5 years.

Note: Field use proven over 10 years and still in use. 

Istor Duplex Swiss Sharpener

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