Mortar & Pestle Set


Quick Overview

Mortar Diameter: 100mm, 130mm and 200mm



Laboratory porcelain mortar and pestle set for manual grinding of color pigment, glazes, frits, paper mache and other materials dry or wet.

Porcelain mortar and pestle to pulverise ceramic minerals or glass frits in glaze formulation, color pigments in paint formulation and particle size reduction or general grinding use. Use dry or wet in circular grinding and not for pounding. Suitable for laboratory, ceramic studio and home use.

Soap makers and distillers use mortar and pestle to pulverise natural fibers, flowers, seeds or even roots to extract essential oil from distilling or incorporate in soap making as natural extracts beneficial to skin care.

Scalemodellers pulverise sand, stone and minerals best suit to scale in diorama setting.

Geologists and soil scientist in minerals and soil analysis

Scalemodellers use in particle sizes reduction for dioramas.

Available in various mortar sizes.

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