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Sorbitol is a natural sugar alcohol to formulate transparent soap. It is a humectant as a moisturiser in soap, cosmetics as well a plasticiser in gelatin for special effects instead of using ammonia latex. An alternative to glycerine in soap making with less soap sweating. Stabiliser for soap flakes in soap formulation. Adds more lather in cold process soap with a little as 5% addition.

Similiar moisturisation use of sorbitol to soften leather for the natural feel in taxidermy.

Kinetic sand formulation as a binder and water retention together with tylose.

As a binder and plasticiser in ceramic powder glazes for china painting. Similiar use in printing ink formulation.

Purity: 80-85%; Ph: 6.4; Reflective index: 1.4; SG: 1.3

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