A waterbase flexible varnish. Quick dries crystal clear, non-tacky and waterproofed with superb gloss. For low flat matt varnish if required, dilute with no more than 5% water. Odorless H20 covercoat varnish has numerous applications in crafts work as below with more new usages discovered daily.

Applications :

    Decals – As covercoat, its soft flexible film stretches and assists squeegee to push out air bubbles without tearing. It also permits crumpled or overlapped edges to be readjusted. Flexibility is not found in most aerosol clear varnishes which often dry brittle and crack with age especially over curved surfaces. Its film flexibility ensures decal covercoat can be applied thinly even over curved surfaces with water dilution. To camouflage the edges of covercoat, apply an averall coverage with foam brush or a fan brush. Film dries waterproof without watermarks. Suitable for outdoor use. Easy application with brush,  foam brush, squeege or airbrush. As waterbase, moisture splattering in airbrushing is not noticeable. Re enforce after factory decals that had crazed cracks. As an aftermarket decal coating reinforcement against crazing cracks.

Polymer Clay/PlasticsDries clear and non-tacky as a varnish. No migration of plasticizer to film surface. Restores surface scratches as new. Optically brightens clear plastic canopy like glass by dipping. Covercoat varnish offers glossy, semi-glossy or flat matt commonly known as H20 flat with water dilution. Application to plastic surface requires a clean surface or finely sanded for even coating. For a mar-free surface, avoid dust while covercoat dries by placing under cover.


Craftworks Waterproof varnish for indoor and outdoor wooden wares. On unpainted wood surface like MDF it darkens progressively with more layers applied. This creates color contrast similar to wood staining. For a superb finish, matt seal wood first followed by fine sanding and finally varnish. Table tops or serving trays protected with covercoat varnish leave no watermarks from damp glasses.

Tidy up frays of fibre ropes, weavings and string ends with covercoat varnish. Through stiffening is encountered it is still flexible without cracking. Far better than burning off frays.Painted pet rocks in gardens are protected from weathering in a glossy or matt sheen with waterproof covercoat varnish.

Delicate paper quilling and collage work are best protected and stiffened with covercoat varnish. Dries fast and odor-free. Over porous surfaces like rubber foam, polystyrene foam one or more coatings are required to allow for sealing. Once dried surface gloss will not crack even when depressed or flexed. Restores shine to leather, PVC leather, oil painting, canvass shoe painting, rubber, wood, cane works, clay and copper tooling against oxidation.

Dioramas display as wet look on vegetation, river rocks or wet suits. Accepts color tinting with Americana acrylic paints. Not recommended for castings.

Metal protection against smudges and finger prints. On tools and knives especially high carbon steel a thin coating prevents rusting yet easy to re-sharpen when needed. Remove any rust by fine sanding and wire brush before H2O application. Its waterproofed film prevent rust development. 

Photo transfer with selfies laser printed on decal paper and fan brush H2O covercoat to transfer by dipping prints in water and water slide transfer to MDF wares. For reverse transfer of photos, pictures with subsequent moist rubbing of paper backing, any paper residue can be covered up with H2O covercoat.

Sand art as flexible film covercoat to prevent sand from loosening. Dries into a clear gloss. Waterproof and fast drying.

On paintings it protects surface from dust, moisture and makes paint colors more vibrant. Very flexible when dry so can be bended and folded without cracking – use on leather, EVA foam, PVC leather. woven pp bags, oil painting faster drying than linseed oil.

Apply with fan brush for even strokes or  dip and dry. If using airbrush application dip airbrush nozzle in water in between use to prevent drying in nozzle and subsequent clogging.

H2O covercoat cannot be polished or sandpapered after drying as its film will be removed. Should waxing be required, use Supergloss varnish as it dries as a hard coating.

Use on wood, plastic, polymer clay, paper clay, rubber, leather, canvas, foams, paper, styrofoam, MDF , Canvas and almost anything else. Restore shine to dried flowers, twigs with waterproofing.

Wash brush with Multifilla brush cleaner and hang to dry.

Packing – 100ml per bottle, 600ml per bottle.

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