Plaster of Paris


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A white powder that react with water to crystallize rock hard. Its setting time vary from fast setting 5 minutes to 30 minutes normal grade. Set hardness is generally soft and easy to shape or carve. The harder version hydrostone or green stone is colored light blue or green. Hard plaster is suited as mother mold to cast  molds with normal grade soft plaster of paris as slip casting mold with T-22 slip clay.

General use in sculptures, taxidermy, wall fillers, additive to acrylics paints to formulate chalk paint. Hand prints cast with HB2 clay mold. Mix with paper mache or coat over papeir mache sculptures for better strength.

As a base coat for gold gilding and wood filling. Mix plaster with water into a slurry. Paint let set and fine sand. Seal with matt sealer before gilding or painting.

Formulate with pumice, mullite fillers one can cast molds for glass slumping, thermoforming, fishing lead casting. centrifugal casting mold for pewter.

Mix with colloidal silica or fumed silica increases porosities for lighter weight dioramas, taxidermy and better mold absorption of moisture and fragrances.

The wet plaster color will slightly be darker than the dried plaster. However, different brand of Plaster Of Paris have different whiteness.
Plaster of Paris normal grade sets within 30 minutes and demold within 2 hours whereas cement takes a day to set and 2-3 days before demolding.

Siam Gypsum Plaster (SGP) Casting Grade Type 5


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