Alginmax Alginate – 435g

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Dust free high precision alginate dental grade from Italy by Major Prodotti Dentari S.p.A. Duplicates impression in minute details. Mixing ratio 2 scoop powder 19g to 40ml clean water. Fast setting 2 minutes. Mixing time 35 seconds. Working time 1 minute 20 seconds under 23 deg C room temperature. Work fast in higher working temperatire indicated by 3 colors changing stages. A safe product lead and cadium free. Long 6 years shelf life in modified atmosphere packaging. Stabilized hypoallergenic formula for most people.

This Alginmax mold can be cast with Plaster of Paris product code 88101823 or 5 min set Plaster ref. 88102355 or hard case plaster ref. 88004933. Can even cast with Multifilla pre mix mortar product ref 8801463 which requires longer curing 2-3 days before demolding but with superb durability as indoor , outdoor or in water as display casts.

Taxidermists use as fast duplication of  animal parts to cast in plaster or resin.

Alginate do shrink in drying process and suited for size reduction of master model in later subsequent casting without loss of details.

Mold is for single use casting.

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