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Mold & Deckle

Please request quote from enquiry@multifilla.comInternal Size: 7" x 9" and 9" x 13"

Multifilla Fabric Dye 220g

Ready to use fabric dye for painting, silk screening and stencilling. Fix colors by ironing on a cloth over the

Multifilla Flat Nylon Bright Series 260B

Multifilla flat/bright brushes in different sizes for acrylic, folk art and ceramic painting. Synthetic nylon bristles. These Multifilla branded brushes

Multifilla Flat Nylon Japan MF 280-1

Quality handmade nylon flat brush of Japanese origin. For glazing, background painting and varnishing. Multifilla branded brushes are manufactured in

Multifilla Handbuilding(HB2) Clay

Size: 3.33kg approx per log or 10kg bag subject to weight loss with natural drying in storage.Drying shrinkage: 10 % Firing shrinkage: 12%Processed from USA clay powder

Multifilla Pony Hair Mini Mop Series 3040

Pony hair mini mop brush is manufactured in Japanese technology by makers of Apple brand. Similar function as the large